YearBook of Days (Bubble Gum Pink)

Product Description
Time flies by! Jot it down and make a memory of your days and don't forget what's on the calendar for tomorrow! The YEARBOOK has been well-loved-well-used every year since 2005! 200 + pages in a 8x9.5" wire-O bound book that gives a glimpse of your ordinary days and leaves a memory on the page.

This is a generic YEARBOOK of DAYS so it can be purchased for any year. Start the new year off right or catch up in mid's never too late to get planning with this "any year" planner/organizer. Pages filled with snippets from MarmeeDear along with menu planning pages, expense recording sheets, grocery market lists, day by day of your year for planning and jotting, special days, and more!

* 200++ pages
* Heavy duty Laminated Cover & Dividers
* Wire-O Bind (lays flat!)
$15.00 $29.99

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