The Riches & Treasures of Home

Product Description

It's back in print! Blending the beautiful and elegant with a sumptuous coziness and charm, The Riches and Treasures of Home is an old-fashioned book filled with warm recollections and fond remembrances and overflows with the quaint customs and lovely old rituals of the 19th century.

Recalling an extraordinary time and place, the the book takes the reader on an enchanting journey, that brings the gentility o the past into the present, and allows all to revel in the prim formalities that made it such a glorious affair.

Sure to become a cherished keepsake by those with a contemplative spirit and an affinity for things of old, the book is a sweet compendium overflowing with historical imagery and Victorian ephemera in full and vibrant display, and nurtures a love for home and encourages a delight in all things lovely.

By Mrs. Kari Wisdom   *  Softcover  *  273 pages  *  Vibrant color & quality paper



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