Pantry Pest & Moth Traps

Product Description
CatchMaster Traps. For all of us who keep whole grains and a well-stocked pantry! Two disposable, ready to use traps come per item ordered.
Eliminate moth infestations in food storage areas such as pantries or storage areas for pet food or birdseed with Pantry Pest Traps. Adhesive trap targets common flour and grain moths by utilizing a professional strength lure. Targets Indian Meal, Mediterranean Flour, Raisin and Tobacco Moths. Place in areas where cereal, pasta, dry pet food, grain and grain based products, dried fruit, chocolate, nuts and spices are stored.

Features and Benefits:
  • Clean, economical and easy to use
  • Attractant will lure moths within 12 feet from infested food
  • Non-toxic moth attractant included
  • Keep out of reach of children, pets, and non-target animals
  • In case of contact with adhesive, use vegetable or mineral oil to remove from skin or pets fur

$3.75 $4.25

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