Martha's Family Cookery Book

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Filled with recipes, menus planned for each day of the week (enough for a 4-week rotation), tips and encouragement for the keeper at home. Written by a mother of a large family... 11 blessings to be exact! The recipes are for cooking from scratch for your family with wholesome ingredients but not off the wall ingredients.

This book was formerly the 1997 edition titled "Greene Acres Old Fashioned Cookery Book" -- now updated, revised and beautiful. I get told all the time from owners of the Greene Acres Cookery book that their copy is all splattered, ragged and worn because they use it everyday... now its time to get a new copy... these have plastic covers so hopefully you can keep from spilling and splattering it up so bad :o) Just wipe 'em clean!

Bind: Spiral --folds flat! 115 pages
A Review from Molly at Choosing Home after her purchase of the COOKERY BOOK:

“An incredible resource for any and every homemaker. Especially when it comes to using whole foods, yet not being overly complicated (or expensive). But that's probably because the author is mother to 11 children, and has to keep to a budget to feed that kind of crowd.
We want our family’s diets to be healthy and inexpensive, but we also want to prepare meals that they will EAT J and that don't require us to spend hours in the kitchen at the expense of other family needs. The best resource I've ever seen for both helping families transition into a healthy diet, and to stay that way happily! Needless to say, the fact that Martha loves to use whole foods appeals to this homemaker. But she makes it looks so easy!
Instead of complicated cumbersome "health food" recipes (where you've never heard of half of the ingredients, much less have any clue where to find them), many of these meals are just simple variations of old favorites. Everything I've tried so far tastes WONDERFUL, too, might I add. The cookbook is essentially a menu guide for each day of the week (with four menu options for each day, so that you can rotate them as desired).
While there are some "fancy" recipes, many are uncomplicated simple meal ideas that you can throw together quickly. The brand new bride is shown how to bake potatoes and all the other things like that, which I'll freely admit I didn't know how to do when I first got married. You can really tell these recipes have passed through the time-honored test of excellence--one husband and eleven hungry children, and the woman who cooks for them all!
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