2 lbs. Farm Fresh Pecans

Product Description

Grandpa's trees are loaded and there is a beautiful and bountiful crop for this years harvest of 2018. We offer them in the shell or mechanically shelled to create.

Ordering here will be a pre-order and as soon as we gather, dry, and have them shelled they will be on the way to you. Approximate time frame with the way they are falling from the trees now is the last weeks of December. If we can get them ready to ship earlier we will do so! Please comment if you need them by a specific date. 

These are delicious fresh pecan large pieces and halves that are raw and are freshly gathered through January 2019 from the family farm in NC. They are not certified organic but treated with nothing but sunshine and rain. Just ask anyone who has tried Grandpa's pecans....they are DELICIOUS! 

This item is nuts that are mechanically shelled and you receive clean large pieces with many halves. We package them in 1 lb. bags for your convenience. This item includes 2 (1 lb. bags). Shelf life is at least 6 months if you keep them refrigerated and at least 1 year frozen.