Essential Oils 365 Days a Year

Rewind a few years ago and I had never knew I could be using essential oils for health and wellness. I had essential oils in my crafting cupboard to add to scent soaps I was trying my hand at making at home. I had no idea of the source or quality and most of them gave me a headache. I've always been a "take-charge-of-my-own-health" type and feel like there is no one who knows their own body better than "YOU"...yourself!
In January 2014 I was introduced to pure therapeutic grade essential oils and now I can hardly imagine not having them for daily use!
I have replaced so many over the counter items we used to use on a regular basis in my home with these gifts from the earth...pure essential oils. I share here on  a regular basis how I use them and what works for me. Shop, join and save and get free essential oils, educate yourself, find more essentail oil uses and recipes, helpful videos and more here at my oil shop. If you would like more information on a personal level feel free to contact me. 


 I use E.O. 365 Days a Year
A sampling of how I use them:

DISCLAIMER: I personally use certified pure essential oils but none of what I share is intended as professional medical advice nor will it cure, prevent, or treat any disease.