Breakfast-in-Bed Oat Cereal

Breakfast-in-Bed Oat Cereal
 My man is an early bird! This is his favorite heart-healthy breakfast...and no I don't serve it to him in bed. I call it "Breakfast-in-Bed" because I don't have to get up and out of my cozy covers to serve it to him. I'm really not lazy but do love easy-peasy and it only takes me 5 minutes or less to do it the night before. He gets the benefits of soaked fresh whole grain cereal and I get the luxury of sleeping in til at least the sun is up! 
It is simple enough for ANYONE to do this. It is so Awesomeus-Collossemus because you can adjust the ingredients to your dietary needs and tastebuds. You will get optimal nutrition if you can flake your own whole oats (I've had my flaker attachment for my BOSCH MIXER for a long while but not certain they are available any longer-sad news!) I flake 2 lbs. of fresh whole oat groats at a time and keep them in the freezer. If you can't  fresh-flake your oats...oatmeal from Mr. Quaker will have to do. 

What to make it in:
I use a glass container with a snap lid. This square glasslock holds 3+ cups and is the perfect size for him. I use the 1.5 cup glasslock container when I make it for myself as I can't eat as large of a portion as he does. He burns a lot of calories! 

How to make it:
  • Start with 1 cup oatmeal flakes into the glass container. (adjust to your desired portion)
  • Optional: Next I add in 2 Tablespoons of Integral Collagen powder to add protein and amino acids to his meal to start the day. It is a tasteless powder and combines best if stirred into the dry oats. If desired you could substitute a vanilla protein powder for this step...or just skip it. 
  • Then I add about a cup of frozen berries on top of the oatmeal. His favorite is blueberries (great brain food!) but you choose what you like best...and of course they can be fresh vs. frozen if they are available to you. I've even just used raisins if I was in a pinch and was out of frozen berries.
  • These next toppings are all optional...add as you like...think about a good healthy start to the day:
    1)chia or flax seeds
    2)walnuts, sunflower seeds, or pecans
    3)coconut chips (I use unsweeteened organic from Trader Joes)
    4)pinch of cinnamon or apple pie spice
    5)MCT Oil

  • Cover it to soak: pour over all with your choice of raw milk, almond milk, coconut milk or whatever you call "milk" at your house! I cover the oats fully as they will soak all night and the liquid won't be there in the a.m. -- just soft soaked healthy cereal to start off the day.

  • You might be stuck on starting your day with something sweet. My man has sworn off sugar (yep! he has a lot of discipline and cares about his health) so I add nothing to his B-I-B Oat Cereal. If you've gotta have it...try a healthier option like pure maple syrup, agave, sucanat or coconut sugar. If you are using granulated sugar, add it under the berries so it can combine with the oatmeal and disperse the sweetness. If you are using something like agave or honey then just drizzle it on the top as desired. You can even do this when you uncover it right before eating. Try using less and less as time goes by and soon you will be happy with sweetness of the berries and flavor of oats.

    Here's to getting to sleep in and making healthy choices...

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  • Martha Greene
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