365 Days of Savings 0

Here is the simple way to save and it doesn't hurt a bit and you'll hardly even miss it! It's already June...but if you wanted to catch up it's still possible? $667.95 at the year's end to spend for something needed is a happy thought to me!  I started January ONE! I'm excited to be saving for a new desktop PC. 

Today is June 10: The piggy bank, box, jar...whatever you are using to drop your savings into gets $1.62 added. That's it! You probably could find that hiding in the deep dark crevices of your pocketbook. Or you may discover it when you fold the laundry. On January 1 I only had to add 1 penny!  Now how easy is that? And on Dec 31 if you added the "change" each day you will have a total of $667.95!

I started out with a big jar like this:

But it was getting too tempting to see that money floating around in a jar like it was up for grabs...and it was NOT!

When I did my studio makeover and everything got a new "home" - I put it in a new gray bin I got from the container store. 

Got it? If it is still trying to sink in how to have a whopping $667.95 at the end of the year by simply dropping in the same amount of cents that corresponds with the day of the year.
January 1 you owe your savings box a penny...January 25th you have to put in a quarter and so on. I printed out the chart below and keep it with my daily calendar journal.


You can see some larger bills in my box. I simply take out lots of change as the days go by and it is filling up with nickels and dimes and add in a larger bill for the equal amount of change. It keeps the bulk down but it doesn't matter how you do it..just so you don't forget to put in the exact amount for each day. This simple chart makes it easy!

 The make-it-easy chart came from



Remembering... 0

A mother never forgets...A mother never stops loving...Many things come in twos or threes or even dozens but you will only ever have ONE mother. Today I am remembering and holding my BabyDear in my heart. 

  • Martha Greene

What's Your Car Say? 0

My car windshield seems to stop traffic! We often have people

snapping pics while passing us...and it was even crazier when my kids

with driver's licenses borrowed the car....everyone who passed had to get a good look at the driver and they were like..."NO WAY!"  

Dragging Through Your Day? 0

I use pure essential oil of peppermint in a beadlet form!
Freshens my breath and suddenly I feel perky too!
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Mini Roll-Top Desk Redo

Mini Roll-Top Desk Redo 0

This piece has been in the family for years. My little girls played with it and now my girl's dearies play with it. It is a favorite place for the little grands to draw and color in Marmee's upstairs library room. A fresh coat of chalkboard paint on this adorable little just-my-size roll top desk makes little girls happy.
I don't have a "before" picture...will leave it to the imagination! (grimy, white peeling paint, 70's stencils of heart & home painted on years ago in mauve & blue--you get the idea.)


For this Just–My-Size Roll Top Desk Refurbish I used:

-Damp cloth (to get off all the dust bunnies and grimy fingerprints.)
-Orbital Sander with fine sanding discs (to smooth out any bumps and dings.)
-"Chalkboard Magic" [Behr Paint]
-Quilter’s Batting (to pad chair seat)
-Tacks (to attach fabric to seat) (hidden underneath)
-Black Stripe Pillow Ticked Fabric (for seat cover)
-Vintage magazine pages (to line drawers)


God Knew Best 0

From "Streams in the Desert" a portion that blesses me to read and try to hold on to it when life holds things I cannot understand. . .

"If I could push ajar the gates of life, and stand within, and all God's workings see.
I might interpret all this doubt and strife, and for each mystery, I could find a key.

But not today. Be content, poor heart; God's plans, like irises pure and white, unfold, I must not tear the close-shut leaves apart - time will reveal the calyxes of gold.

And when, after patient toil, I reach the land where my tired feet, with sandals loosed, may rest, only then shall I clearly know and understand, I think that I shall say, 'GOD KNEW BEST!' "
~ adapted ~

A favorite spot on my 100 acre wood where I can enjoy all the
beautiful irises  and remember that
God ALWAYS knows best! 

  • Martha Greene