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for Somebody That You love LOTS!

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Family Thanksgiving 2016 Memory Book

Family Thanksgiving 2016 Memory Book 0

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Used Home School & Cookery Books 4 Sale! 0


Our homeschool journey is over after 30 years and ready to pass on these reusuable classic schoolbooks at a bargain price!
Selling a big batch from my 30 year old collection as I just have toooo many!
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Integral Collagen: It's Good for You! 0

I've been on a quest to trim down from being "fluffy". Replacing bad food choices with good ones has been a long process in my journey.

One bad choice was my love of Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer. I would put 1/2 cup in one cup of coffee! (gasp!!!)  That stuff is so bad for you! I think it stems from my childhood of growing up on powdered milk and I developed a taste for it.

It's not a good idea to take out something bad and not replace I've filled that void with real cream from raw milk and collagen powder in my morning coffee. I'm  one of those "give me a little coffee with my cream" kinda of people and the collagen is filling as it has 11 grams of protein per scoop (1 1/2 T. = a scoop).

Integral Collagen is completely tasteless (but I make it taste great!) and it easily blends into any liquid (no lumps with simple stirring!). It's also a wonderful source on non-dairy protein. You can find it here

Collagen is important in our skin, hair, and nails! This is me from July 2015 (left) to July 2016 (right). The results to my skin and hair (never dyed - its just what I was given) I attribute to consuming 1 to 2 scoops of Integral Collagen on a very regular basis (at least 5 days out of each week if not daily). 

I created my very own Collagen Citrus Frappe  ... It is DELISH! (recipe below)


When its chilly and I do morning coffee, I simply stir a scoop of Integral Collagen into my coffee along with some heavy cream!
But it's been a blistering summer here in the South and I want cool and refreshing in the morning not a steamy cup of coffee to start my day! 

Into the carafe of a blender (I use a FUSION xcelerator) add:
1 cup water
6 cubes ice
1/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate *110 calories*
1 Tablespoon heavy cream *50 calories*
3 drops wild orange pure food grade essential oil (I use doTerra)
1 teaspoon. vanilla extract
2 scoops collagen = 3 Tablespoons *84 calories* 
This is refreshing, filling, and boasts 22+grams of protein and under 250 calories.



  • Martha Greene

How to Adapt a Cookbook's Recipe for a BOSCH Kitchen Mixer 0

If you have a BOSCH Kitchen Mixer you know it performs its best with a large batch of dough that yields 4 - 6 loaves. It makes baking bread for the family a breeze and in less than 2 hours you can have enough loaves of bread for the entire week or if you don't need the extra loaves you have plenty to share and give away. 

I often find delicious bread recipes in my old cookbook collection but normally they usually only yield 1 or 2 loaves. While scouring my cookbooks today I came across the recipe for Country Fair Bread in a vintage 1987 Southern Living Recipe Collection.

With 5 young men in my household I definitely needed more than 1 loaf and make all my homemade breads in my BOSCH. So I knew I needed to adapt the recipe.
I have done this often through the years of using my BOSCH to bake all of our family's breads. Here's how to adapt any recipe for a BOSCH Kitchen Mixer.

1) Read through the recipe and find the yield. If it isn't listed you can estimate the yield per loaf by the primary liquid in the recipe, such as milk or water. 1-1 1/2 cups will usually give 1 loaf. 

2) Then multiply each ingredient by 2x or 3x. In the recipe I adapted today I saw 1 cup of scalded milk as the primary liquid and 1/2 cup of water. I often use dry milk powder in my bread recipes as it is simpler than scalding milk and I don't like to "waste" our delicious raw whole milk we get straight from a local dairy on recipes as it's our "drinking" milk. So in this particular recipe I added 4 1/2 cups of very warm water and 1 cup of dry milk powder. I knew from the liquid amount after multiplying by 3x that I would get a yeild of 4 large loaves. 

3) Always put in every ingredient, in any sequence, that is listed in the recipe EXCEPT for the liquid, flour & yeast.  The reasoning behind this is that it takes you time to measure and add those ingredients and while that is being done your liquid could get too cool to activate your yeast. (It needs to be at 110-120 degrees). 

4) Next add the very warm liquids (use a thermometer if you are not used to the "feel" of 110 degree water). Usually the hottest tap water is just right as most home hot water heaters are set to heat the water to about 110 degrees. 

5) The next step is to add in 3-4 cups of the entire amount of flour called for in the recipe and then sprinkle the yeast on top of the flour "barrier" as it will protect the yeast just in case the water is a bit too hot. As soon as the yeast is sprinkled in- turn on the mixer and began to combine the ingredients. 

6) Now add in the rest of the flour called for in the recipe, 1 cup at a time, and let the mixer do the kneading. Remember 5 minutes at medium speed is usually sufficient in a BOSCH mixer to fully develop the gluten in the dough. 

The original recipe was 1 pkg dry yeast. I only use SAF yeast and have a large canister of it. 1 pkg is equivalent to a heaping Tablespoon so I used 3 heaping Tbsp. The oringinal recipe called for 1/4 cup of shortening so I again multiplied by 3x and so added 3/4 cup of shortening. Add continue on multiplying by the same amount per each ingredient. Also it is good to follow the directions I have given for the mixing vs. the recipes instructions. It has worked for every bread recipe I have ever tried. Follow the rising and baking instructions per your original recipe.

For Marmee's Adapted Recipe for
County Fair White Bread for the BOSCH Kitchen Mixer
Yield 4 large 10" loaves 

Yumm! One of life's simple pleasures....homemade bread & butter!

  • Martha Greene


Plowing through my momsy's old files while organizing my studio, I stumbled across this clipped poem. I don't know when she clipped it. I don't know how long she had it tucked away in her things. It was meant for us to find it today. We cried. This is my girl. It's her story. It's been 5 years this month that we have stumbled through this journey.  I am so thankful that truly "His Way is Perfect"!

"I asked the Lord for quietness;
     The lightning flashed, the thunder roared,
     Earthquake and fire and threatening waves 
     Overwhelmed my soul.
And then, even in the center of the storm
He made a place of calm,
And in my heart there came a hush,
A stillness doubly sweet
Because the roar was still about
But could not touch me. 

I asked the Lord for joy:
    The treasures of my heart were swept away,
    And sorrow followed woe
    Till naught remained.
And then, He came and filled my cup
With healing potions rare.
He touched my lips with heavenly song,
And comforted my soul.
He brought me to the banquet house---
His banner over me was love!

I had not known the Lord if joys of earth had stayed;
I had not seen Him as my All-in-All
Had He allowed my heart to rest in transient loves
That dimmed the vision of His face.
Through fire and pain He took the veil away--
And lo! He filled all things;
The fairest of ten thousand,
The prince of peace, the Life of God!
I had not known Him thus except through this.



  • Martha Greene